It's Time To Go: 2020 Edition

How I ended up going through three jobs, joining with two direct sells companies, and ending relationships to moving across the country with my dog...

" one day you will look back and find that you were strong in ways you were not able to see at the time and you will be grateful for how you chose to keep going even without knowing what the future would be

I decided to be fully transparent with my road to traveling across the U.S. so if a story about trials and tribulations and how to keep faith is what you're in the mood for, buckle up.

2020 is going to be "lit"!

Does anyone else remember starting 2020 thinking we were unstoppable? That this was THE year. I mean, nearly every holiday fell on a Friday or Saturday, full moons on bookmark days, Cinco de Mayo on Taco Tuesday. What could go wrong?

...we should have never asked!

Just like the majority of people, I too, had quite the turn of events this year.

2020 started good for me, personally. Most years do because my birthday is January 8th, and New Years is one of my favorite holidays. I LOVE the feeling of a fresh start. I start out with so much momentum and motivation. This year even led me to joining a direct sells company to which I thought I'd make it big with (still do, most days lol).

Then, things started going south.

Feburary 23, my dad had a massive heart attack. My mom did CPR on him for 13 minutes... 13! To say that my dad is a walking miracle is an understatement. And my mom is my hero to myself and so many other people for that reason. If you're ever in the market for an excellent Cardiologist, Dr. Scoville with St.Thomas West is the man to find!

March 3rd, my hometown of Cookeville, TN, got hit with a devastating tornado taking 20 very precious live and leaving a trail of unrecognizable tragedy. I was so moved by the way our community came together though. To see people lined up to give blood. To have shelter centers have to turn away donations. To see parking lots FULL of people ready to serve just hours after it hit. If that doesn't bring

back faith in humanity, I don't know what will.

Also March, freaking COVID. I was working as a Radiation Therapist and a CT tech when COVID made her lovely appearance. I'm not even going to go into what that looked like on this post because, it's a lot. And quite frankly, hard to understand unless you are actually on the front line.

Also March, as if there's not enough going on, I joined a direct sells company, MONAT, which I love. The products, the community, the opportunity, all of it. No regrets about that other than I wish I would have started sooner and remained consistent when everything else in my life became very inconsistent. I started reading "The Slight Edge" which has helped me realize that little things, every day, add up. They may seem insignificant to the everyday mind, but after time passes, you'll be able to look back and evaluate how you got to where you are. Are you satisfied? Did what you were doing make you successful or have you fallen off track? What were the things you were doing when you WERE on track? Do those again. Do what works, and then keep doing it. It will pay off.

So, enough positivity to get me through the summer but not quite all the way to fall.

In August, I lost my job.

Yes, Dakota, the girl who went to school for 8 years, moved up the ladder in every job I ever had, got raises after every evaluation, and fired. Terminated. And was told it was because of my "performance". I did not see it coming nor was I ever warned about my performance lacking. I had always, and still always strive to be the hardest working woman in the room, whether that be at work, at the gym, my side gigs.... anywhere. Which apparently got me to that point. My "side hustles". They were not hidden. My coworkers knew about them, my bosses knew about them and in fact I had asked to drop down to a part time position in order to be able to manage both jobs at a better capacity. Well, I got more than I asked for shortly after that and it was devastating. Demoralizing really.

After that, my entire life was redirected.

But the beautiful (and hard) part of that was being FORCED to lean into God. To keep faith and know that He has a bigger plan for my life. To trust that the season I was in was a season of growth, humility, and vulnerability. I know so many people who lost their jobs this year, small businesses that were shut down, hours cut to the point they weren't able to make ends meet. If we can remain faithful and obedient in these times, we can find peace and comfort. May we rest in uncertainty, knowing that our almighty Father has us in his hands and that His plans for us are far greater than anything we could have ever imagined.

Have you ever been in a situation where that was the ONLY way you got through?

To keep telling yourself God has a plan. There is a reason you're here? There is a lesson in the hard times we face? Think back to a time when/if you were literally forced to have faith. It was either that or drown in your fear and anxiety. If we can show up, and choose faith each day we will eventually see the beauty on the other side.

Just prior to losing my job, I had left a relationship I had been in for a year and a half and moved in a one bedroom apartment thinking I could support myself (because at the time, I could). I had my one direct sells company and fell into joining another one. Which, in comparison now, I should have done better research and stayed on track. But any who, one month after moving in, I lost my job and was forced to put my rent on a credit card. Even MORE demoralizing. But, keep faith, Dakota, it will all work out. Right?

Thankfully, I had made new friends that I found comfort in that also offered me a job working with them. Well, actually two jobs because they had two businesses. I, ironically, was going to work at one of them, which is why I had asked to be part time before I was let go from my hospital job, but ended up becoming full time at the other one and working very few hours at the one I intended to be full time at. Kind of confusing, I know.

Some time went by and after much thought, and quite the persuasion from my mom, I decided I wanted to get back into healthcare and do what I went to school to do. After being let go from the hospital, I wasn't sure of my career choice anymore and wasn't really sure I ever wanted to step foot back in a hospital as an employee. COVID didn't help. Healthcare isn't what it used to be. I calmed down though, thought and prayed a lot, had people praying over me and guess what. God delivered. My passion was lit again with a desire to be back in healthcare so I started putting in applications.

Through my transparency and desire to have a best friend, I told my friend/coworker that I was looking for another job. That I liked where I was but my purpose was not fulfilled sitting behind a computer, neither was my bank account. My vulnerability lead to me losing my second and third job for the year. Once my boss found out that I was looking for another job, I was given a week to find that new job I had been searching for. Keyword- searching. Not found.

That same day, I told the guy I was dating (we only dated for 3 months) that I no longer wanted to maintain a relationship with him either. (Might touch on narcissism (hashtag-gaslighting, hashtag-manipulation hashtag-don't settle, HASHTAG PLEASE READ THE SIGNS) on a later blog.)

What a day.

How many times did we say that this year?

One day later, sitting at that job I knew I didn't have for much longer, I came across a site that allowed me to put my application in in hopes of receiving a phone call regarding information on a travel position.

Which came within 5 minutes.

My recruiter gave me every piece of information I could've needed and I had a job offer within 2 days.

God. Answered. My. Prayers.

He opened doors I didn't even know I wanted open at this point of my life and I am so grateful. Literally every small detail fell into place. The destination, the shift, the place I'm staying, and the fact that I was already trying to get out of my lease I had just signed 3 months prior. Everything was made easy, for the most part. There, of course, were little kinks to work out but overall, this has been an easy and smooth process.

I was excited to end 2020 this way. I was also nervous to end 2020 this way. One, because I feel like every time we thought we were on the right track, 2020 came in and did what it did. It's quite comical that we are now blaming a "year" for all the things that have gone wrong or even right in this world, actually. I'm also nervous, like SUPER nervous to leave in general. I've never moved or lived this far away from my family, let alone, ALONE! Which makes me excited as well. I'm going to travel, and see things, taste things, do things, meet new people, and get back into both of my passions- healthcare and travel.

Oh, and I get to take my dog, Charlee.

So, stay tuned! And, thank you so much for reading and keeping up so far.


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