5 Things to Pack When Moving Across the Country

I remember thinking, "I'm going to sell EVERYTHING I own!".... Yeah. Little did I know, that wasn't possible. There's a lot of stuff we just can't part ways with. I sold the big things. I

wouldn't need them where I was going. My whole bedroom suite. My whole living room suite. Most of my kitchen stuff other than my airfrier and crockpot and a few coffee mugs that held sentimental value. I sold the décor off the wall, curtains, picture frames, craft stuff I had accumulated over the years. ALMOST everything. And I STILL had too much to take with me.

So, I just wanted to share with you what I learned about what to take with you and what to leave behind.

Because believe it or not, there is a Walmart, a Target, a TJ Maxx, and a Starbucks on the other side of the country.... promise.

Minimal Clothes

Odds are, most of the clothes you have are not appropriate for the weather on the other side. Bring the stuff you wear every day (ie: pajamas, comfy clothes) and then a few outfits you can’t part with, shoes- this ones tricky! And all your undies and socks! When I packed, I was in a rush and I HATE hanging up clothes. Like, why do we take them OFF the hanger, fold them up, pack them up and then put them right back on the hanger? I was determined to find a better way to do this AND I DID. Thanks to amazon, this clever laundry hanger saved the trip. Did I have way too many clothes still? Absolutely. But they all stayed “hung up” and made for a nice bed for Charlee (my dog). I would suggest taking some sort of bar, maybe a shower curtain or curtain rod to keep all the hangers on the outside of the bag so you’re not digging clothes out when you’re ready to hang that whole bag back up.


If you’re anything like me, you have WAY too much stuff in your bathroom that you never use. And if you DO use it, it’s not enough to pack up. You don’t need that pack of toilet paper, you don’t need the trash can or the soap dispenser. And you sure don’t need that rug that you’ve had for 5 years. What you DO need, is all that shampoo you’ve accumulated due to your side hustle, your toothbrush, contacts, nail polish (maybe- i think I could have gone without), and all the meds you’ve also accumulated each time you feel not normal. I don’t have a lot of jewelry but a jewelry organizer/bag comes in handy, even if you use it for your skin care routine!


Do you really need it though? I’m not sure! Since I prep my own meals, I feel like I've accumulated so many spices and things that I didn’t want to start over once I got where I was going. So, I packed it! Along with a lot of stuff I could have gone without. Like, oatmeal, soup, and popcorn.. I definitely could have packed a smaller tote for food and utensils.

An overnight bag that doesn’t weigh 100lbs

I cannot express this enough. This can be hard to do because if you are moving and selling everything you own, you’ve probably been living out of a bag for a few weeks now and gathered quite a few things that you normally wouldn’t pack in an overnight bag. Get. A. Separate. Bag. I promise you will not regret it when you roll into the hotel halfway through your trip and don’t have to carry a whole load to your room for two outfits and a toothbrush.

A blanket

You never know! I’d be doing my dad a disservice if I didn’t mention this one. If you’re traveling west and don’t deal with winter weather often, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I saw so many cars on the side of the road due to sliding off because of snow and ice. He and a few others also mentioned bringing a candle just in case. Oh, and a lighter.

Bonus: Front Seat Necessities

KEYS! (don't laugh. We forget the simplest things.) A mask, (upside down face) chargers, water, toilet paper, flashlight, dog food/bowl. Important identification cards and records.. you know why.. Purse/wallet, and last but most definitely not least, you're cell phone.

I'm only spending a few months at each stop so stay tuned to see what else I learn about what to pack and what should probably just be donated or given away lol

Talk soon!

OH! And your travel buddy!

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