Tropical Leaves


hi! i'm dakota. i've decided to move across the U.S.

yep. you read that right. i ended 2020 by selling everything i owned, packing my jeep with what clothes i had left, the few personal belongings i couldn't part with, and my dog, and moved across the country. 

first stop, idaho.

ok, ok. let me explain. i'm actually a radiation therapist and a ct tech (so i can do cat scans). just like you have probably heard of travel nursing- i'm doing travel ct and/or radiation therapy. this has been something i have always dreamed of doing and i can now say i'm actually doing it!

traveling has always been a passion of mine. i have had this mental bucket list of things i've always wanted to see or do and working the typical 9-5 job wasn't allowing me the time freedom or giving enough "paid" vacation to do so.

now, i have the best of both worlds. i'm getting to travel to new places AND get paid to do so. 

in between shifts and jobs, my intent is to travel to new destinations and stay in all the coolest air bnbs that we see all over instagram. i might even end up in the back of my jeep some nights! 

i'd like to say i put a whole lot of thought behind this decision and really took my time deciding where to go first, but that would be a lie. which actually is how i've made some of my best and worst decisions! ha

if you're here, that means you clicked my link and that alone shows support and i am already so SO thankful for that and for you. i hope you feel like you're a part of this journey as you follow along. 

i intend to be as real and honest as possible with you and myself, through the good and the bad.

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again, thank you so much and i'm taking any advice and tips on where i'm at and where i'm going!

see ya soon!

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